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Reliable and Professional

Provision of Plumbing and Sanitary Work Project

Bathroom plumbing

Sink plumbing

Kitchen plumbing

Shower plumbing

Water leak detection

Faucet replacement and installation

Water heater issues

Pipe cleaning

Sewer line issues

Unclogging drains

Maintenance of water pump systems


  • Pump mechanical seal and bearing

  • Induction Motor

  • Float switch, electrode sensor and ball float valve

  • Gate valve, check valve and motorised valve

  • Pipeworks and accessories

  • Troubleshooting of pump system and control panel.

Annual Water Tank Cleaning.
Submission to PUB by Licensed Plumber


  • Transfer Pump

  • Booster Pump

  • Ejector Pump

  • Rainwater submersible pump

  • Control Panel Setup

  • Pressure Tank

  • FRP/ SS steel water tank

  • All Mechanical & Electrical work

Our Commitment

“We provide comprehensive services for our customer needs. Our engineer process with the expertise to ensure successful completion to the jobs and offer advises that best cater to our partners best interest.

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